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Sent: 29 March 2013 12:27 PM
To: Cheryl Sandmann
Subject: An impeccable and amazing service

To anyone who is planning on bring a car to South Africa from the UK. Do the same as us, ignore what others say and take it. Then hand your

car over to one of the most incredible people I have met on arrival in RSA ! 


Three weeks after arriving my car has been delivered, registered and most of all in a condition that I could only dream of! The transport company

really damaged my car. Cheryl organised everything, with no effort and it looks new again!😃

Any of you who are OCD about your cars like me- there is only one name in the business Cheryl Sandmann!
My brother is in the car trade, and his past experience was a car he could not register after 2 yrs!!! He felt I would never get it registered! Cheryl did it in under two weeks!
I can only sum up my experience as money well spent, costs well under what I expected and service beyond believable! it was all so painless for me! 
I cannot stop telling the world about the incredible service we received!
Cheryl ..... thank you for everything you did!!!!

Dr Raymond Fitzpatrick