Cheryl’s services are invaluable. Importing and registering a car in South Africa is 
fraught with paperwork and red tape and certainly not for the faint hearted. Cheryl 
holds up to date information all types of registration in a field which constantly 
changes its regulations and protocols. Having returned from the UK to SA Cheryl 
assisted me from shippers to clearing. She organised inspections and even in just 
over a week after Christmas Cheryl had my car cleared and registered. 
It felt seamless and she was extremely professional and speedy throughout. 
For a turnkey solution to importing my vehicle and after a huge amount of research 
I am wholeheartedly very glad I chose to be in Cheryl’s extremely capable hands.
Cheryl, thank you once again for such excellent and professional service! I feel 
so fortunate having come across you, your ability to slice through paper work and 
jump through fiery hoops is truly remarkable and your calm personality is very 
Best wishes,
Andrew at