Monday, 13 August 2012

Registration of foreign vehicles in South Africa

I recently moved back to South Africa from Kenya after completing my contract there. I was
desperate to bring my Toyota Prado and Trailer along which I bought up there and was deeply
disappointed when I was told that the vehicle is a direct import from Japan, hence I would not
be able to register it in SA.

I did a bit of research and found Cheryl Sandmann’s website, a vehicle registration and license
consultant, who specialises on the local registration of imported vehicles. The short version of
the storey is that Cheryl assured me that it can be done and that she will take over and handle
the process and that I shouldn’t be concerned at all – great relief!

Cheryl successfully registered both vehicles in Cape Town without any hassles whatsoever, for
what I thought was an exceptionally reasonable fee, and I can recommend Sheryl to anybody
who considers importing a vehicle, without any hesitation.

MD. Paul J Cornelissen