Dear Cheryl,

I would like to thank you for carrying all out the processes involved in importing and registering

our car in South Africa.

I had no idea about the processes that were involved in car registration, or where to start. I was g

etting so much conflicting advice about how to register an imported car and I did not know who to

believe. So I was very relieved to find out that you offered the complete services that I required.

I was anticipating the processes to take months to complete, so I am very impressed with the

short amount of time that you took to carry this out from start to finish. You kept me updated

at all stages of the processing and your attitude was very professional 

I would highly recommend anyone importing a car into South Africa to make use of the services

you offer, especially if they do not have much time available.

I am very grateful. Once again thank you.

Kind Regards,

Shane Rabbets.