"When making the decision as a returning citizen from the UK, I almost 

decided to leave the car behind due to the sea of complicated paperwork 

and process involved during the registration and clearance processes. 

However I was lucky enough to come by Cheryl's website. Because I had 

obviously never done anything like this before, I had a ton of questions 

which no - one else seemed to be bothered enough to explain nor help me. 


However after a few emails Cheryl promptly explained everything and 

suddenly I had gone from preparing to spend a fortune on a car when 

I returned home again, to realising that it was perfectly possible, I 

shipped the car to Cape town and flew down from Johannesburg where 

we zipped around sorted all the formalities in a few hours during 

the morning, after which I had an amazing road trip back to Johannesburg. 


Overall all I give Cheryl a shining 5 star review, Her expert knowledge 

into the process involved and outstanding timing made the entire process 

a complete success! if your thinking about importing a car, trust me there’s 

only one person for the job. Thank you Cheryl  :)"